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War Memorials: Joint Project with Heritage Volunteers
Click here to read more abouit the Heritage Volunteers project

As part of their researches into War Memorials,  the Heritage volunteers contacted a number of schools. One of these – J.H.Godwin Primary in Blacon – replied that they did not have a war memorial but wished that they had. One thing led to another and after discussions with the Head, the Young Arts Representative and Heritage Volunteers are now working alongside the teachers at the school on the planning, design and construction of a memorial plus a garden for reflection.

As part of the project 26 children from the school recently visited Chester Cathedral with their teachers and Chester DFAS members  to look at some of  the memorials, think about the background to them  and do some sketching preparatory to designing their own version for the school grounds.

Chester DFAS are funding a project for Young Carers which began in March 2013. Click here to read about it and see some of the work produced.