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Andrea Palladio

and the English Palladians

Palladio published his famous Four Books on Architecture in Venice in 1570. An account of his life and major works followed by some famous English examples of Palladianism.

This year we celebrate Palladio's 500th Birthday, the actual dae is variously given as th 8th or 30th November.

Notable examples of Palladian influence in Cheshire are Tabley House, built for Sir Peter Bryne Leicester, built by John Carr and completed in 1768, and said to have the finest drawing room in Cheshire (open Thurs to Sunday 2 - 5pm until the end of October)
Also Henbury Hall built for Sebastian de Ferranti to the designs of Julian Bicknall and ideas of the painter Felix Kelly, also based on the Villa Rotunda, and completed in the 1980's (the grounds are open annually under the National Gardens Scheme).

 A number of excellent books have been brought out to coincide with this special anniversary, not to mentions special tours, exhibitions, symposia and Evensong in the Queen's Chapel by Inigo Jones on 30th November 2008

Lecturer: Laurence Gribbin

Launce Gribbin had early success as a professional painter. He worked at the V&A and tutor to Sotheby’s Educational Studies.

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