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Art and the Mill Towns

Visit to Preston and Blackburn

21st October 2009

The industrial revolution brought great wealth to the mill owners of the north west and they, like their fellow industrialists, sought to enrich the cultural life of their home towns. Preston and Blackburn both have remarkable art galleries and museums, each filled with fine art and objet art. Over the years bequests have been added which, together with the original endowments. provide a treasure trove of the visual arts. Many notable artists from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries are represented such as Augustus John, Lowry, Stanley Spencer, Lucian Freud, Romney, Hornel and Leighton. The curators will also show us items to illustrate the history of ceramics, a delightful collection of Japanese prints and Russian icons. The history of both towns provides a fascinating insight to the region.