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The Work of Angels
- The Book of Kells and Its Contemporaries

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Blue skies and sunshine greeted us to All Saints Centre Hoole. As usual we were treated to coffee and biscuits on arrival, followed by what we hoped would be a very exciting Day! We were not disappointed!
Tom was educated at Trinity College Dublin. He studied History of Art, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology. After a Masters degree in the U.S. he went to England and completed his PhD in 1984.
Tom took us on a wonderful journey back through the centuries and created for us , though his power point presentation and easy manner of delivery, a picture of the conditions in which the Book of Kells was created. We learnt about the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and how it brought about a fusion of cultures. Tom described to us the twin use of the then new technologies of iron and a distinct new form of ornamental embellishment. After a break for lunch, provided by Annie, we went on to learn of the rise of Irish missionary activity and the consequent foundation of Irish monasteries in Scotland, Northern England and Europe.
Tom then dazzled us with the pictures of some of the folios (pages) from the Book Of Kells. Scholars have decided that the book was worked on by 3 artists and 2 scribes, their work divided by being a goldsmith, story teller or portrait painter, the scribes divided the script between them. The Book of Kells was understood to have been created by the monks on Iona. The book did not arrive in Dublin until after the Reformation.
Even though the day was so bright outside I think we were all happy to have given it up for such a spell binding study Day!
The day ended at 3.30pm,
Review compiled by Judi Potter

Tom recommended two books: