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Lichfield and Shugborough Hall

In June members enjoyed a delightful visit to Lichfield and Shugborough, seat of the Anson family. 

Lichfield, a charming town with a market dating back to the 1100s, has a distinctive cathedral with three spires. There are several interesting stories and characters in its history. In the early middle ages it prospered as a place of pilgrimage to the shrine of St Chad. The town was an important link in the Royalist supply chain during the Civil War and, as such, suffered considerable damage.  After The Restoration the cathedral was restored by Bishop Hacket.  It was further restored in the 19th century by George Gilbert Scott, and.the lady chapel with its Flemish glass windows is being restored currently  

 In the Georgian era 30 coaches a day passed through Lichfield and one of several inns, The George, is still a hotel. However, when the railway came the main line passed two miles away from the town, which then lost its importance..... and probably owes its present charm to this fact !! 

Dr Samuel Johnson was born and brought up in a house in Breadmarket Street, now a museum housing his dictionary. His statue is in The Square, which was the site of the last burning in England in 1612. Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles, came to the town as an adult and lived in Beacon Street. His house is also a museum.