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Visit to Whitworth Art Gallery
and Ordsall Hall

On 3rd November 2015 the Chester DFAS Visits Organiser led a group of 47 on a very successful, interesting and informative visit to the newly refurbished Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and to Ordsall Hall in Salford.

The well-known face of the Whitworth Art Gallery is shown above left, and the new extension above right. The extension was designed to meld the inside and outside, so that the statuary in Whitworth Park is part of the Gallery, and from the park people can see into the Art Gallery and feel enticed inside.  There are now large additional exhibition spaces which currently have galleries full of beautiful textiles, clothing from all periods, portraits and the premier British watercolour collection.

Ordsall Hall was unknown to most people and is an unexpected mediaeval beauty set in the midst of Salford.  How it has survived in its industrial location is beyond understanding and the wonder continued once inside as the great hall is very dramatic and is set out for a banquet. 

The excellent guides were highly entertaining and ensured that we didn’t miss anything of importance as we toured everywhere including the attics. Currently the pièce de resistance is the Radclyffe bed believed to have been made in the early 1570s to commemorate the marriage of John Radclyffe (c.1536-1590) to Anne Asshawe.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, having been stimulated in so many different ways by the wide variety of things they had seen.